TMSNet Client is a java-based client for the TMSNetServer TAP for Topfield PVRs. The client provides a user-friendly way for users of Topfields to get information on programs in the EPG, find programs and schedule recordings via a GUI running on the user's PC.

TMSNet Client is derived from Explorer, a similar GUI written for Windows, using the .NET framework. Explorer is a client-server application, running a small TAP on the PVR that responds to commands sent across the network. One of the authors is a Linux fan and wanted to use something like Explorer on his PC. And so TMSNet Client was born: a cross-platform client for TMSNetServer.



This software is still under development. Absolutely no promises that you won't end up with a smoking hole in the ground where your PVR once stood. If you intend to use it, back up the settings on your PVR before playing.

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Help Wanted!

TMSNet Client is designed to work in multiple languages and multiple locations. Part of the location-specific information is descriptions of the TV/Radio channels and networks specific to a particular region.

At the moment, this regional information is limited to Australia and that's about it. Everybody else gets default graphics displaying.

If you think you can help, we'd like to hear from you. Have a look here for information on what's involved in setting up regional information.

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